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Tree damage is one of the most disheartening things to have to deal with in your lifetime. We have not done the stress test, yet I am sure it ranks up there with moving & your daughter getting married.

That is why here at Earthscape we have faith that we can do the job & do it right. There may be some tree removal services out there who have done it longer, yet none of them can say they do it better! Call us today and find out about why we should be your Tree Removal Orlando Company – (407) 761-1055!

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Tree Removal Orlando FAQ’s

Q1.Why use a professional tree service arborist?
A1. Earthscape has over 25 years of experience in all areas of tree care, including trimming, installation, removal & stump grinding. Our tree removal orlando expert arborists complete every tree service job quickly & with minimal stress on you, your property & your trees. We can identify disease & mold in your trees, & we specialize in Florida tree species. Trees are a huge investment in your property, & with expert care, they provide substantial return on that investment. Property values of well-landscaped homes may be up to 20 percent more than homes with less desirable lawns & trees. Pruning or removing trees is dangerous work. It is best left to trained, licensed & insured professionals.

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Q2. How can Earthscape of Orlando care for my trees?
A2. We provide the following maintenance services to keep your trees attractive & healthy throughout their lifetimes:

Trimming or pruning – Without proper care, trees risk wind damage or disease.

Cabling – This provides support for trees as they grow, keeping them on the right path.

Uplifting – Earthscape raises the tree & removes lower limbs to provide the right amount of sunlight & shade for your lawn & garden as well as the tree.

Ventilating – This process allows wind to pass through the tree’s branches, thus preventing much wind damage.

Tree Beautification – Tree removal orlando beautification clears branches & debris from unattended trees, allowing the natural beauty & form of the tree to shine.

Deep Root Fertilization – Deeply fertilizing tree roots provides nutrients where they are needed. This improves the flow of nutrients to the upper branches of the tree.

Q3. What is the difference between trimming & pruning?
A3. Trimming & pruning both cut off & remove branches from a plant, improving its shape & helping it grow. Trimming usually refers to shrubs, while pruning refers to the process in trees.

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Q4. Why should I obtain my trees pruned?
A4. Trees need pruning for safety, to repair storm damage, to keep them away from power lines, & to encourage healthy growth & longer life. Insects & disease may cause limbs to die, requiring their removal. The health of your lawn depends on sunlight & wind flow filtering through the branches of your trees.

Any structural damage to a tree needs treatment promptly to save the tree & property damage or personal injury. Pruning & trimming promote healthy tree growth, adding to your curb appeal. Often, professional tree pruning preserves trees that might be lost otherwise.

Q5. Why should I call for professional tree removal?
A5. Sometimes pruning a tree is not enough. Trees may be dead, diseased beyond recovery, or simply in the way of new construction. When that is the case, tree removal is the only practical & cost effective solution. Storms & high winds easily topple damaged trees. Removing a tree from a yard before it falls is far easier – & less expensive – than removing it from inside a house. Earthscape of Orlando has the experience & equipment to handle tree removal quickly & effectively. Tree removal is surgery for your property, so hire professionals trained to do the job.
Q6. Why should I have tree stumps ground out?
A6. Stumps left after tree removals pose a safety hazard beyond just trip & fall accidents. Insects move into the wood as it decomposes. Bees, yellow jackets & hornets love a good, soft tree stump. Tree stumps are eyesores in your yard. Stump grinding takes the stump down well ground level. Fill the hole with soil & plant sod over it without fear of injury or insects.
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