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Earthscape of Orlando has been providing Orlando with high quality Orlando Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation Services (orlando sprinkler repair, installation, & more) to resorts, individuals, developers, & commercial properties for over 25 years. If you are wondering why Earthscape of Orlando is the irrigation company for you, then contact us immediately!

Our mission is to be the best at transforming your ideas into a finished project in a timely manner that will greatly exceed your expectations. If you are looking for sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair or any other type of irrigation services in Orlando & outside area, then look no further Earthscape is the one for you. Call us today for your Central Florida Irrigation needs – (407) 761-1055.

FAQ’s About Earthscape’s Irrigation Services

Q1.Well lets keep the first one simple – why are landscapes irrigated?
A1.Glad you asked. Simply put, watering gives the necessary amount of water for your lawn or plants to thrive
Earthscape of Orlando can provide the services you need.

Q2.Can you tell me more approximately the water requirements for turf grass & landscape plants?
A2.All landscape bushes, plants, flowers & trees that are growing in a nursery, greenhouse, & grown in a landscape or lawn environment need water to become mature. Under many situations, rain takes place fitfully, so irrigation is needed, at minimum until the flowers, bushes, trees, or plants are mature. Trees need approximately 3 to 4 months per inch of caliper (base diameter gauged 6″ from ground) to become developed. Bushes need approximately 20 to 28 weeks to become developed. Irrigation opportunities need to be 2 to 3 gallons of water per inch base diameter. A 2-inch tree ought to be watered 4 to 6 gallons at each time. Water every other day or so until flowers, bushes, trees, or plants are fully mature.
Q3.Are there things for me to do to prep my lawn for sprinkler installation?
A3.Well sorry to disappoint you, yet there is nothing for you to do. Just sit back, relax & grab a cold beverage, because Earthscape is a full service irrigation company. We will handle your lawn from beginning to end.
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Q4. I am having some rehab done to my property & home. Should I wait until that is finished to have my sprinklers installed or have them repaired?
A4.Whatever type of rehab you are have done to your home or property will be the judge of when to do the sprinkler installation or have them repaired. For example, lets say you are having a new lawn put in or redone, installation or repair would be the second to last step in the redo, the final step would be either your hydroseed or sod. In the case of typical building, painting or construction, we can usually move around other workers unless a vast amount of our irrigation area is blocked from our entry. In this situation it would be smart to wait until completion of the construction job.
If you need your sprinklers repaired or redone, then Earthscape of Orlando is the irrigation company for you!
Q5. If I have a well, can I still have & irrigation system?
A5.”Well”, sure you can. It will be a low press system which is for WELL – derived water supplies & systems. Sue to the advancements in today’s technologies there are a myriad of options available for sprinkler installation or other irrigation systems.
Q6. How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?
A6. On average installation will only take a few days. It may alter if the size of the job is very large
If you have any additional questions approximately irrigation, sprinkler repair or installation please contact us at 407-761-1055