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Earthscape has been providing Orlando with high quality irrigation services (sprinkler repair, installation, & more) to resorts, individuals, developers, & commercial properties for over 25 years. Call us now for your Orlando Sod Installation Service – 407.761.1055.

Our mission is to be the best at transforming your ideas into a finished project in a timely manner that will greatly exceed your expectations. If you are looking for sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair or any other type of irrigation services in Orlando & outside area, then look no further Earthscape is the one for you.

FAQ’s About: Installation, Removal & More.

Q1. Why do I need professional turf services?
Learn why earthscape is the premier place for grass in Orlando
Learn why Earthscape is the premier place for turf in Orlando
A1. Individuals, businesses, developers & resorts have trusted their landscaping to Earthscape of Orlando for over 25 years. They know our Customer Care & landscape care is the best & most affordable in Central Florida. Loyal customers know they can count on us to take their ideas of the perfect lawn & transform it into reality quickly & professionally. All our installers are experts, licensed & insured. We can handle the full range of lawn tasks you need, including removing old grass, grading & leveling land, & installation of high-quality new turf. Your lawn is the basis of your landscaping investment, & it deserves the highest level of care. Using professional landscaping & sod services protects you, your property & your lawn!

Learn approximately Earthscape grass techniques
Learn approximately Earthscape Turf techniques
Q2. What do you do when laying turf?
A2. Earthscape of Orlando isn’t afraid of doing the dirty work. We provide advice approximately the best types of turf for you lawn. Then, we provide services including removing old sod, leveling your lot, & installing the new sod. We can do each of these services separately if you prefer to do some of the work yourself. We can moreover do everything; start to finish, as a package with the best prices in Orlando.
Q3. What is re-sodding?
A3. Resodding is simply replacement of old grass with new, healthy turf.
Q4. Why must I remove old grass before adding new turf?
A4. Whether you want to install your own lawn or have Earthscape install it, removing the old, unwanted turf lets your new yard obtain a fresh start. Sod removal moreover allows us to grade uneven lawns, improve drainage, & bring in quality topsoil to maximize the beauty of your new law.
Q5. How often should I water my new lawn?
A5. We recommend daily watering for at least the first 30 days with your lawn. In the heat of summer, water twice a day for the first week & then switch to daily watering. In shady areas, take care not to overwater sod & cause root-rot.
Q6. When should I mow my new sod?
A6. Wait at least one month, or until your new sod has fully rooted, before mowing it
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Q7. How do I determine how much sod I need?
A7. Each piece of sod is 24” x 16”. A pallet of sod holds 150 pieces, or 400 square feet of turf. Determine the square feet of the area to be sodded by multiplying the length & width of the area to be sodded. For areas that are L-shaped, measure each “leg” of the lawn separately. With multiple areas, add the square feet of each together to obtain the total amount of sod needed. Divide square feet by 400 to determine how many pallets of turf your lawn needs to achieve its full potential.
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