Frequently Asked Questions – Orlando Lawn Service

Questions about your Orlando Lawn Service? Let us help.

Q1. How important is the correct fertilizer to my lawn, or fertilizer in general?
A1.The correct fertilizer will maintain health and long-lasting shine. It will also help in times of drought and will keep out those annoying weeds. Grass that is very lush and strong can assist the environment by producing oxygen, improving and filtering ground water quality, cooling the air, catching and soaking up big city dust and pollution, and offering a more secure playing material for those little ones. The last thing you want to do is have to check them every time they come in the house for little critters.
Q2.How often should I cut my lawn?
A2. The idea is that you should maintain a proper height for your lawn. It really depends on the time of year as it relates to how often your have to cut your lawn. If it is the peak of summer, maybe once a week or say if it is winter, maybe it is only once every two to three weeks. Just remember loner grass = longer roots.
Q3. Why do I need to hire a professional Orlando landscaping or Orlando lawn service provider?

The first reason for a professional lawn care company is because we can remedy and fix the problem. Is it a: water shortage, insects, disease or is it something else? That is what Earthscape of Orlando can do for you.

Q4. What can I do to make my lawn healthier?
A4. The two easiest things are watering it correctly and mowing it on a regular basis. It is important to adhere to some type of schedule and use sharp blades. If you use old and rusty blades the grass will be choppy and ripped, not cut. As for irrigation you don’t want to over water the lawn, because it will liekly setup the lawn for disease. At the same time, under watering creates stress on the turf and allows chances for weeds to flourish. Now you can get a better understand of why Earthscape is the finest lawn service in Orlando
Sod Installation FAQ
Q1. How many square feet are on a pallet of sod? How many pieces in a pallet? What is the measurement of each square on the pallet?

A1. 400 sq. ft. – 150 pieces– 2ft. x 16 inches wide

Q2. How do I figure out how much sod I need? How many pallets?

A2. Measure the length times your width to give you the square feet. Divide this figure into 400 to give the number of pallets needed.

Q3. Do I need an irrigation system?

A3. Yes, we recommend the use of an irrigation system for every type of sod, with the exception of Bahia sod. All newly installed sod needs water during the initial establishing period 8-10 days after installation.

Q4. Do I need to kill my existing sod to do a yard replacement? Should I put down top soil & fertilize before installing a new yard?

A4. Yes, we recommend a kill of the old grass- installing a new lawn on bare ground. No, top soil is not necessary. Sometimes a PH test is required and nutrient deficiencies can be corrected chemically. Fertilizer needs to be applied approximately 10 days after lawn is installed.